No shut down in Syria

According to statistics from Freedom House, Syria is in the less free countries in on-line communication.Syria-fotn2017_country_report_Freedom House.png

But a  free internet is essential to share news of the Revolution worldwide.

The first thing done by a regime  when it wants to censor a movement of protest or a Revolution is to shut down the internet.

In  free countries, as the USA, people protest against the fees and the merger of the companies: moreover, the US legislation, under Trump , wants the passwords of the citizens; it was believed only for potential immigrants, but it is now for American themselves.internet-censorship

Imagine one minute what it can be in a dictatorship like Syria.

People want to topple Assad, and they need to inform the public inside the country, for the organization of events, and outside the  territory, because the only news agency is the governmental one, SANAA, this of the Regime.

The internet allows  them to share news via social networks, and via Revolutionary associations.

Association for victims of War Crimes in Syria constituted , the National Coalition, February,2, 2017.jpg

One of them is Act for Daraa:

Myself, I write this post for the network “The Syria Campaign”.As  I am a supporter of this Revolution, because they ask only for basic human rights, justice, free elections, a democracy, and the fall of a hereditary dictatorship, I accepted to be involved in this movement.

I am  subscribed to their newsletter,  I follow them on Twitter, and am now subscribed to their You Tube Channel.

If you cut the internet, all of these communications will disappear.

Assad and Putin actually make a slaughter in Ghouta , and in Damascus. Supporters, people who do not want to be bystanders, and it is not, alas,  the majority, are informed by social media.

Mass murderers like Assad, Putin,and Rouhani, who dare bomb hospitals, and condemn civilians to live clandestinely not to be massacred, make of town ruins. In these ruins, to be a war reporter, so to use camera and internet to post their photos, is a challenge.

I, who live in a democracy, write this post in solidarity with Syrians . I hope they can read these lines when posted on internet.

No more shut down everywhere. Syria needs freedom, Syria lacks of everything.

I hope they have tools to communicate .

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