Trump is not Above the Law

Since the beginning of the investigation of the links between Russia and his election, Trump is making everything to stop the inquiry of the Federal Instances, especially the FBI.

Let’s remember one thing; if the FBI inquires on a simple citizen, it leads its action to the end. So, why not with Trump?

Trump is not above the law. Protests are  organized in the USA by

Trump  fired the director or the FBI, who led the investigation deeply. Too deeply, in fact, in the view of Trump.

On Twitter, the hashtag #TrumpRussia is very popular.

Why hiding the truth about his election, if he has nothing to fear? In fact, the hacking of the White House at the period of election , by Russian hackers, reveals a crisis in American democracy.

Moreover, Trump has been elected  thanks to the “United Citizens” decision: to be elected as the president of big banks and of Russian hackers is a very bad situation.

Saving American democracy is investigating in the conditions of his elections, without Trump’s troubles to the enquiry.

Trump  wants to fire Special Counselor Mueller, and he wants key witnesses not to speak : he governs as a king in his kingdom, not as a president in a democracy founded in the 18th Century.

But the President of the USA is elected by the American people: he is not above the law, and he is accountable to the people.

There is no exception for Trump.  I hosted my own protest in my blog, because I don’t live in the USA.

The President is always accountable of his actions (and inactions). Trump is not above this law, available since the foundation of the American democracy.




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