#Save Ghouta from Assad’s chemicals

Assad Chemicals 2.jpg4 years after the massacre of Eastrn Ghouta inn 2013, the regime uses chemicals, Syrian Network for Human Rights.pngAs if  it were not sufficient to starve Ghouta by besieging it since 2013, and shelling it with the complicity of Russia, the last horror of Assad in Ghouta is to bomb the “city” with chemical weapons, especially with phosphorus.

Yes, chemical weapons, wich are prohibited under international conventions : see the Treaty to ban Chemical Weapons.

Everyone remembers, I hope, when Assad made use of napalm: it created a scandal, particularly in American public, because it recalled them the Vietnam War, and the iconic photo of the “napalm girl”.Nick-Ut, Napalm Girl, 1972.jpg

Phosphorus kills  with the same efficiency : the protest  chants and pictures  with “breath the death” are  used by Syrians to denounce  chemicals.Use of Toxic Gases #Assad War Criminal, Syrian National Coalition, November, 18, 2017.jpg

In Ghouta, the humanitarian crisis  is so great that there is no more access to healthcare ; medicines are lacking, and chemicals kill more quickly because of the lack of oxygen to cure the victims.Break the silence on Ghouta, February, 13, 2018.jpg

Russia prepared the massacre, by targeting civilians, and by bombing their homes.

At present, these civilians , who have no more shelter, are under a chemical fire.

Syrians count the victims, their “martyrs”; in effect, whoever dies at war is a “martyr” in Islam.

The Western opinion is not aware of it, so I precise it ; the martyr is not  a “jihadist”, so feared by the West, but everybody killed at war: it includes women, kids, and even babies.

In the white linen of the corpses, they are on a line, all equal in the death. They wait for a safer situation to be put in earth. Actually, families , who don’t have enough to eat and have access to care, cannot pay for  the funerals.Victims of Assad in Ghouta, February, 24, 2018.jpg

Moreover, every place is now dangerous with Assad and Putin : I sincerely think that a cemetery could be bombed as well a house .

Ghouta needs everyone ‘s help .

Save Ghouta : insurrect  yourself  facing this horror.

Save Ghouta: speak out on your social networks to show your indignation and your solidarity with the inhabitants.

Save Ghouta: a whole city and its citizens is destroyed, with prohibited  weapons, phosphorus.

Recently, A Syrian film maker undertook to show the reality of  Syria: below is the official promotional clip of his film:

Watch this extract, and then, act for Ghouta as if you were Syrian.

Save Ghouta from Assad and his accomplices.



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