#Save Ghouta, #Act for Ghouta Now

This week, on all social media, activism to save Ghouta, besieged and bombed by the coalition Assad/Putin /Iran , is the more important issue.

Civilians are deliberately bombed , especially by Russia, and children are starved or killed under the Russian fire.

The Syrian National Coalition called today on Twitter to stop the massacre, and, in all Syria, demonstrations of solidarity take place.The photo of the header is property of the Syrian National Coalition.

I am only a blogger, focused on human rights defense, and I want to speak out  to express my horror facing this slaughter and the silence of the international institutions: the UN , the EU, nobody act for Ghouta.

Who act? Syrians, of course, NGO, like Amnesty or Human Rights Watch, and people feeling sympathy for the Syrian Revolution: among them, artists, like Marc Nelson , who paints for freedom.@firasabdullah Ghouta, Marc Nelson blog, February,12,2018.png

Here is the link to a petition of Amnesty to save Ghouta:


Syrians living on the ground share information by journalism, and their job is an activism one. Speaking of Ghouta is acting for it.Save Ghouta, February, 13, 2018.jpg

Some associations, like the Red Crescent, Syria Charity, The UNHCR, the UNICEF, try to provide to inhabitants of Ghouta some necessaries: with the siege, the population has no more food, neither medicines, and clothes.

Moreover, when their home is bombed, they have no more shelter.

Saving Ghouta is to inform the world of this situation, and, when possible, help these civilians in a realist manner, by sending them supply.

Bombing civilians is a violation of the Geneva Conventions . Russia , Iran, and the Assad Regime,are responsible for this violation.Assad shelling in Eastern Ghouta, Syrian National Coalition, February, 9, 2018.jpg

They demonstrate, in Ghouta, their will to exterminate the population: Assad is responsible, not only for war crimes, but for a genocide.

Ghouta, since 2013, is the perfect example of this policy of genocide.

Now, in 2018, civilians are in such a humanitarian crisis, that we must call the world leaders: save Ghouta, act for Ghouta now.Ghouta victims, February, 14, 2018.jpg

We must hear the dying  population .

We must hear the call to action of the Syrian National Coalition: Ghouta is dying, and we must save it before it’s  too late.Martin Luther  Quote, Amnesty, January, 16, 2018.jpg

By all means you have, act for Ghouta.




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