Thunderclap for Nabeel Rajab, deadline February, 20, 2018

Freedom for Nabeel Rajab.pngNabeel Rajab ‘s trial is in two days, on February, 20, and we all know that he risks to be sentenced to 15 years more of jail to his actual condemnation.

This is not a true justice, Bahraini authorities are in a denial of justice and of human rights.

Nabeel Rajab is imprisoned only for tweets: this is an evident  negation of the right to free speech. Twitter crime of Nabeel Rajab Cartoon

So, since the beginning of his imprisonment, human rights activists sign petitions issued by Amnesty and tweet for his liberation.

I wrote many posts for him; I write this one because a Thunderclap is organized by Amnesty, and you  have only 2 days to support it.

We are on February, 18, and the trial of Nabeel is on 20th. Here is the link of this action:

Please support and share with your social media. The total is not reached. We must be numerous facing the King of Bahrain to support Nabeel Rajab, to say NO to a new condemnation.

Think just one minute of it: 15 years for having used Twitter!

If it were you, how would you feel?

We all use social media , and we have to demonstrate when someone is prosecuted in his rights.

This is a short post, but it is an activism one.

Act for Nabeel Rajab.

The time is short, so act quickly.


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