Freedom for Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian teen

Ahed Tamimi, Palestinian Activist Jailed by Israel, Twitter, January, 5, 2018.jpgAhed Tamimi has been unjustly judged and jailed by Israeli Authorities as an Adult whereas she is a teen of 17 years old.

Moreover, she has committed no crime: she has only expressed her right to protest facing the situation of Palestinians in Israel and their lack of liberties. Amnesty  issued a petition for her; the link is below:

But actually, the Israeli authorities put under arrest  and imprison all Palestinian protesters: the police shoot on them with real ball guns, even on kids.

This , under international conventions, is a murder, and it is a violation of human rights. The right to protest freely, and to express his opinions, are human rights.

Under international conventions, the Convention for the Rights of Children forbids absolutely to treat a child like an adult in a penal way ; the penal right for kids is different in its procedure.

The police, in a protest, shall never have real ball guns ;usually, teargas are used. Real balls kill:  Israel is responsible for murdering protesters .

Actually, Ahmed Tamimi is jailed, and two other activists, Issa and Tariq, who wanted to protect the children from the police ‘s violence: for their opposition, they are arrested, too.

In the present  situation, Israel deprive Palestinians of all rights, and of their lands : the settlements have never been so numerous, and the Gaza Strip so over populated. As the Prime Minster  looked only for one occasion, the decision of Trump to make of Jerusalem the capital of Israel is the straw that broke the camel’s back for all Palestinians.

No rights, no more lands, no capital, no sacred monument for Muslims in Al Qods: this is the daily life of Palestinians in Israel today.#Free Ahed , Twitter, January, 4, 2018.jpg

Demonstrating  led Ahed Tamimi to jail.

We must think of the kids who were shot at real balls .

We  must not forget that all protester is arrested because HE IS PALESTINIAN.


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