Freedom for Nabeel Rajab, sentenced to 2 years more

Freedom for Nabeel Rajab.pngOn january, 16th, the Court of Cassation rejected the Appeal of Nabeel Rajab and sentenced him to 2 years more of prison .

Bahrain Confirms Two-Year Sentence for Nabeel Rajab, Moves toward Conclusion of Separate Twitter Trial

On February, 21st, soon, he might be sentenced to 15 years more.

We all know the reason of this : tweeting. This was transformed by the Bahraini Regime in a defamation of the authorities.

Tweeting is not a crime: we all use social media daily, and sometimes we interject our leaders by them; but freedom of expression is nonexistent in Bahrain.

The organization ADHRB campaigns for his liberation, and petitions have been made by Amnesty to obtain it.

Despite this, the Bahraini Government continues on its way of prosecution of the leader of the Bahrain Center  for Human Rights; in effect, defending human rights in Bahrain is disturbing to the regime; the tweets could be seen only as a pretext.BCHR, Freedom for Nabeel Rajab, September, 6, 2016

Rajab, when free, was a leader and activist.Nabeel Rajab before his imprisonment.jpg

Now, under bars, human rights activists take action for him worldwide.

His trial has been postponed many times, wich is a denial of justice; and now, the result is a supplementary cNabeel Rajab, Freedom of Speech, Twitter, August, 4, 2017.jpgondemnation; it could be more  in few days.

So, despite the situation in Syria and in Iran, I write this post to call for freedom for Nabeel Rajab.

I wrote others when his trial was postponed, because Bahrain denied him justice.I wanted a great human right leader to be free.Nabeel Rajab trial postponed until September, 11, 2017, Bahrain Mirror, August, 14, 2017.jpg

And now, I want his liberation.

I always, as before, want the freedom of Nabeel Rajab.

Bahrain, free Nabeel Rajab.



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