#Save Ghouta

Save Ghouta and the victims, February,13, 2018.jpgOn Twitter, the hashtags #Save Ghouta and #GhoutaIsBleeding are going viral. In anAssad shelling in Eastern Ghouta, Syrian National Coalition, February, 9, 2018.jpgswer, Assad bombed the city with more violence.

His deliberate will to exterminate the city, besieged since 2013, and starved, is seen everyday. With the complicity of Putin and his powerful armament, the shelling are now daily.Ghouta under shelling Save Ghouta, February, 13,2018.jpg

The town lacks of everything and the population is dying.

Moreover,people are  dying in an international indifference. The world leaders, who meet at the G 20 Summit, are not concerned by the situation in Syria, and , particularly, in Ghouta, but also in Idlib  and its neighborhood.

Syrians are dying in the total indifference. I will not be a bystander, and I write this post in solidarity with the Syrian people.

#Save Ghouta, #GhoutaIsBleeding, #GhoutaChemicals: this latest hashtag because Assad bombed the city with chemical weapons.

Children, the more vulnerable part of the population, die because  oxygen supply is lacking.Break the silence on Ghouta, February, 13, 2018

The “town”, if we can call it by this term, is now in ruins: people in Ghouta have their home destroyed, and neither food, nor healthcare; the only rescuers are, as usually, the White Helmets.

The VDC(Violations Documentation Center) published its January report on the casualties and  their causes. In Ghouta, the essential reason is shelling : Assad finishes  what he began in 2013 with his strategy of the siege; he exterminate the remaining population .

January Report of Casualties in Syria, VDC , February, 12, 2018

Yes, it is a genocide, because he kills deliberately his own people. More and more people compare him to Hitler, and I share this point of view.

Hitler and Assad , August, 28, 2017.jpg

On the contrary of  international silence, I write: #break the silence; #saveGhouta ; #GhoutaIsBleeding.

I write these words to raise awareness on Ghouta.

Ghouta is dying everyday since 2013: we cannot let do this.

Save Ghouta.


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