#Freedom for Shawkan

Free Shawkan, Tweeter Storm on February, 12, 2018Despite the desperate situation in Ghouta, and the lack of freedom in Iran, people continue to tweet for Shawkan, the photographer arrested and jailed since 2013 for having done his job.Twitter Storm for Shawkan, February, 12, 2018


The Egyptian Government accused him of spying , as he only took photos of the skies and the streets. Al Sissy is , since, regularly interjected on social media to free Shawkan , for photographing is not a crime. Egypt violates the right to free expression. It makes of journalism a job at risk.

#Sky for Shawkan, Twitter, October, 30,2017

Shawkan is a photo reporter; he is not a criminal, and he is a prisoner of conscience.

Now, his health is deteriorating, and he has Hepatitis C; he has no access to care.

Egypt in the worst countries for journalists , Free Shawkan, August, 12, 2017, Twitter

The first poster I have claiming for his freedom is dated of 2014: it is this of the header, one year after his arrest and imprisonment.

We are in 2018: five years in prison without available reason; five years because the Egyptian Regime puts under threat the liberty of speech, and journalism.

A website , Egyptian, is dedicated to denounce this lack of liberty, and to raise awareness on journalists  who are jailed: it is http://www.pressbehindthebars.

On it, you will find updates on journalists jailed, and, sometimes, the good new  that one of them has been released. But it is rare.

Meanwhile,  Shawkan is still behind bars. Amnesty has initiated petitions for his liberation, and I have signed them. The last link I have is dated of  October, 2017, but you can sign it until Shawkan is free:


The petition is in French, but you can have it in every languages. Please sign it and share for more signatures.

There is an excellent post entitled “Sky for Shawkan” in the blog of CLuna; here is the link to his blog:


Iran, Shawkan and Poetry, CLuna Blog, Twitter, March, 4, 2017.jpg

His blog is focused on human rights and is excellent: I follow this blog and I follow @CLuna27 on Twitter.

He is a great human rights defender, who shares on Twitter actually for Raif Badawi; but he fights equally for Shawkan, victim of such an injustice.

In Egypt, Shawkan has nothing : no visit, no care, and of course, no layer.

Only human rights activists can be his voice .

I raise my voice for Shawkan: free Shawkan, save Shawkan.

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