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Nazanin, the British Iranian citizen is now jailed in Iran for a while: her only crime, coming to Iran to see her relatives. Despite petitions initiated by her British husband, she is still behind bars.Free Nazanin , January, 17, 2018

Atena and other Iranian activists against the Regime, for having exerted their right to free expression, are now under arrest and jailed ; a tweeter storm is to be for Atena and Golrokh.

Tweeter Storm for Atena and Golrokh, February, 12, 2018, Iranian prisoners

I should have named this post afer this tweeter storm, but there are numerous imprisoned people in Iran, where human rights are violated.

So, as I am part of the Taheri_Movement, I write for the famous scholar Taheri, jailed for  having dared speak his mind in his classes. Now, his inheritance is defended by his students and by Iranian thinkers, and human rights defenders.

Free all Iranian Prisoners, Taheri_MovementTaheri, January, 26,2018

Taheri is a prestigious scholar in Iran; by arresting him, the Mullahs Regime thought to cut the growing opposition : it failed. The miscontentment is so great towards the Regime that it  expanded  not only on social media, but also in the streets.

People chanting “Death to the dictator” are leading a movement known now as “Iranian protests”. But the repression of these protests is terrible :the police shoot with teargas on the young who demonstrate for freedom.

Iranian Protests, Twitter, December, 30, 2017.jpg

The right to travel freely, in the case of Nazanin , is a human right, guaranteed by International Conventions; so are the rights to express freely his opinion, in the case of Atena , Golrokh, and Professor Taheri, and the right to demonstrate.

The leader of the Opposition lives in exile, in France: Maryam Rajavi  organizes the future political program for a free Iran, in the neighborhood of Paris, in Auvers.

Maryam Rajavi for Iran,Twitter, December, 10, 2016.jpg

But the Opponents in Iran itself are at constant risk to be arrested by the Regime for their opinion.

In the name of human rights, I write this post, an activism one. I hope the readers will be aware of the present situation in Iran and of its stakes: freedom, ans safety for the opponents.

I raise my voice for Taheri, for Nazanin, and for all political prisoners in Iran.

Free them all.




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