The White Helmets saving children by education

As the situation in Eastern Ghouta, Idlib, and Douma is worse and worse day after day, the White Helmets are the only rescuers of the population (here, in Ghouta).

The White Helmets in Eastern Ghouta, January, 7, 2018

The Syrian National Coalition claims in one  video what is life in Syria today; the video is recent, it is dated of February, 10th:

In it, we can see Assad’s attacks on the White Helmets.

So, the White Helmets , who did so much until now, have initiated a program of education and prevention towards children: in it, kids learn how to be prepared to shelling and how to protect themselves during it.

Today, with the repeated bombings by Assad and Putin, prevention towards Syrian kids is a really important initiative.

Education, which lacks to this generation, because schools were bombed, is  an education on the ground: they learn in the middle of the shelling, and how to save themselves.

This is part of the motto of the White Helmets: “To save one life is to save the whole humanity”.

As sometimes, they are bombed themselves and cannot rescue the victims, they educate the easier generation to teach to prevention: children.

I hope everyone remembers young Omran saved by this team, or more recently, a baby.

Everywhere, the population is under fire, and  so the White Helmets, who act quickly to save a maximum of lives: The White Helmets.png

Eastern Ghouta, Idlib, Douma are the  daily targets of the regime; but sometimes it is Damascus, or Aleppo again. The will of Assad to exterminate his own people can be seen in every town.

Crimes committed by Assad and Russia in Eastern Ghouta, December, 31, 2017 to January, 8, 2018


Moreover, medical centers no more exist, they have been destroyed months ago by Assad:


This  video is property of the Syrian National Coalition, as the precedent.

Although the population and the White Helmets protested against this targeting of hospitals, it was a deliberate politics of Assad.

Protests, months ago, can be seen here:

Stop Attacking Hospitals, Twitter, The White Helmets, May, 7, 2017

The White Helmets stand for hospitals, Twitter , The WH, May, 7, 2017

As they are dated of May, 2017, now, the White Helmets provide care in their ambulance, if they have on the ground.

Education is a question of life for children: they give them ,too.

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