@Rouhani: Free Taheri Now!

Taheri was to be released, as announced by the Iranian Regime, on February, 7th.

Taheri Movement, February, 8, 2018, so 1day after his promised released

Free Taheri, February, 9, 2018. His release was on the 7thWe are now the 10th, and Taheri is still behind bars.The photo above is dated of the 8th.The second one is of the 9th.

The Regime didn’t keep its promise. So, as announced by Iranian opponents, the Opposition and Human Rights activists continue the campaign in favor of his liberation.

#FreeTaheri, TwitterStorm , January, 26, 2018

I am not Iranian, but I am both a Human Rights defender and Muslim. As I consider Iran does not respect both of them, I raise my voice for  Professor Taheri.

My claim is simple and clear: professor Taheri must be freed NOW.

He spent enough time jailed without reason : he is not a criminal, he only dared speak his mind; he is a prisoner of conscience.

Rouhani  and all the Iranian authorities violate human rights and international conventions about freedom of expression by keeping in prison  a man for his ideas.

Freedom of expression is a Human Right and is guaranteed by International Conventions.

Taheri should never has been jailed.

And now he is, Iran could have respected its promise to release him at the due date.

We all, Iranian or not , if we care of Human Rights, speak out for his release.

There is on Twitter a movement called Taheri_Movement , dedicated to this cause. I follow it .Taheri Movement, Twitter, December, 6, 2017

In the name of Human Rights, I write this activism post, and I raise my voice for a prisoner of conscience.

My conclusion will be short: FREE TAHERI NOW!



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