Trump versus the FBI

Since his elections , Trump is under suspicions of having secret links with Russia. This would lead to his impeachment, according to the US Constitution and its 25th Amendment.

Former FBI Director , James Comey, who conducted a serious investigation on the issue, was fired by Trump, who didn’t admit to be put in question.The header photo is Comey, in an article of “Daily Kos”, dated of February, 2nd.

Trump’s comportment at the White House reveals a personal passion for power, wich does not allow criticism.

But recently, a memo, the “Steele Memo’, named after the responsible for this discovery, puts under fire  an unclassified document of the FBI , which is , at present,  property of the House of the Representatives.House-Intelligence-Committee-Report-on-FISA-Abuses

Of course, Republicans try to undermine this file, and Democrats to use it to impeach Trump. This inquiry reveals the links between Trump and the FBI, and Trump’s interest in blocking it in its missions..simpson-transcript-errata of hearing of Trump, January, 19, 2018

The “Steele Memo” confirms the investigation led by Comey: the elections were hacked by Russia, and , in consequence, Trump is culpable of treason.

There is no more reason to begin the processus of impeachment: what ‘s in these files, Steele’ ones, as Comey’s.

The conflict between Republicans and Democrats have begun passionate, after the revelation of these documents.

The Impeachment of the President of the USA is not a little measure: the last time it  was employed, it was against Nixon.President Nixon in October 1972, the NYT, reproduced in the WP, May, 10, 2017

This photo is property of the “Washington Post”  archives.

Cartoonists have a great job, with the dissatisfaction of the Middle Class facing Trump’s policy . He is represented as the President of big banks, and now, an accomplice of Putin.

Even the political world, this of affairs, seems to disapprove him, as we can see in the cartoon by Tom Tomorrow, published on the site of “Daily Kos”.

The cartoon, untitled, “Trump vs the Deep State” , is revelatory  of the opinion about Impeachment.Trump versus the Deep World, Tom Tomorrow, February, 2nd,2018

By all his actions, Trump creates a disapproval of his economic and international policy. Now, in his interior policy, by blocking the FBI in its inquiries, he creates more and more suspicions.



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