Harasta Under Bombs, as Idlib

Today, the FSA and the White Helmets shared on Twitter photos  of Harasta , after a bombing; Idlib, of course, is still under fire.Syrie-des-raids-aeriens-font-18-morts-dans-la-province-d-Idlib

The White Helmets are the only rescuers of  Syrians, either martyrs dead in fighting, either injured civilians , and sometimes they die in mission: White Helmet killed , Marc Nelson painting, January, 22,2018

This is a painting by Marc Nelson, a painter involved  to support the Syrian Revolution by his art.

The FSA fights day after day to take back the territories conquered by Assad, and it has some great victories.

In Rural Idlib, some regions have been liberated, but not  all:Idlib is still under fire, as shows this photo of the White Helmets rescuing victims in this town: White Helmets in Idlib , January, 28, 2018

Harasta is the last victim of Assad’s bombings.

It confirms his genocide and the way he proceeds: towns after towns, regions after regions, he slaughters his own people.

Now, it’s to Harasta to suffer of Assad’s without measure  cruelty. We cannot speak of” cruelty” in this case, because the dimension taken by his murders is without comparison.

Some Syrians compare him to the Devil himself, Shaitan in Arabic, and they are right. Save Hitler, nobody acted like this.

Gas Ovens, Chemicals, Detentions of Enforced Disappearance, and Methodical Extermination of his Population: all these were employed by the Nazi regime.

Now, Assad, with Putin and Rouhani complicity , employes the same means.

Homs, Aleppo, Damascus, Ghouta, Idlib, and now Harasta.

Since 2011, to a peaceful Revolution, Assad has answered by the 1st genocide of the 21st Century.

May Allah, the Merciful, protect the FSA, and the Syrian people.

I write this post as a supporter of the Syrian Revolution, as a human rights defender, and as a Muslim myself.

The motto of the White Helmets “Who saves a life saves the whole humanity” makes of them heroes.The White Helmets motto, Twitter, August, 15, 2017

As for the FSA, I wish they reconquer all the territories gained by Assad.

FSA our choice, Twitter, November, 15, 2016

The Revolution Continues; thanks to the courage of the FSA, Assad will lose, I hope.

I will be so happy to write on a free Syria.




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