#Twitter Storm for Taheri

Yesterday, on January, 26, at 7 PM, Greenwich Time, there was a Twitter Storm to free Taheri.

I am sad not  to have participated to it; so, this post, is my contribution to the Movement to Free Taheri, the Iranian scholar, imprisoned by the authorities without reasons.

He only  dared teaching his own ideas, and is considered by his students as a Spiritual Leader.

But these ideas were contrary to the Mullahs Regime, and they fired him as a teacher, and jailed him.

According to the Universal   Laws and the Declaration of Human Rights, he is a prisoner of conscience.

So, I stand with his students who now share his ideas, and Iranian human rights activists asking for his freedom.

I speak out against his imprisonment, because he is not responsible for any delict.

I ask Iranian authorities to release him without delay.

@HassanRouhani , Taheri is innocent and must be freed immediately.

#FreeTaheri, TwitterStorm , January, 26, 2018

I add my voice to this of Iranian Protesters repressed by means contrary to human rights.

Protesting is a right, free expression is another one.

@HassanRouhani, you helped the dictator Assad ; you are a religious dictator.

Freedom matters.

Iran needs democracy, as Syria.

@HassanRouhani, FREE TAHERI NOW.

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