Trump abandons UNRWA

As a part of funds of the UNRWA came from the US Administration, Trump decided to cancel these fundings.

In the daily “The Nation”, an Opposition one, we have a good source of information about this issue: immediately, protests erupted in the Gaza Strip, because these funds were destined to Palestinians refugees.As we saw in the previous post and others, it is hard to be a refugee under Trump Presidency; to be an Arab is a disadvantage, too, as being a Black or a Native American.

Trump’s racism is in every political decision taken : now, it is against Palestinians; its last attack was to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, against all Muslims.

The work of the UNRWA will become harder without these fundings. It works in Palestine(Gaza Strip and World Bank) ,but also in Syria and Lebanon.

In the Gaza Strip, almost two millions of people live on a very little territory, consisting of camps. A humanitarian emergency is persisting; without State funds, the organization will have to turn to he donations of the public: in a period of economic crisis, it is not evident .Gaza Strip, UNRWA

The protests of Arabs in the Gaza Strip have two reasons : their situation, always precarious, in a land wich is a prison created by Israeli authorities, and against the abandon of Trump: without the US help, they will no more have access to a “decent ” life, if we can call “decent” a life in a perpetual prison.

Palestinian poets and writers , such as Mahmoud Darwich , have expressed the feelings of the Palestinians: they feel discriminated only because they are Arabs among Jews, in a Jew State.Traditionnally, the USA support Israel in all  diplomatic decisions.

But Trump takes the lead: he  gives Israel   gifts before the country asks for them ; it can be seen about Jerusalem. Now, it is evident in his attitude towards the UNRWA.

His racism is also a hatred of Arabs.The Muslim Ban was his first decision showing it. Now, at an international level, his policy towards Palestinians refugees in the Gaza Strip puts it under lights .

He supports, as all American Presidents, Israel, but he supports the imprisonment of a whole population in the little land wich is the Gaza Strip , and he cuts them fundings: what will be their living resources?

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