Pass the DREAM Act now

As breaking news are focused on Trump’s possible relations with Russia, most of the people are interested in the DREAM Act and the DACA, bills signed into laws by the Obama Administration, and repelled by Trump.

The stakes are high in these two bills: the persons concerned by the DREAM Act, who call themselves DREAMERS, are migrants or minorities who search for the American citizenship.

With the “wall” built by Trump between the USA and the world, migrants are often illegal; the others are Black who fight to be recognized , because nowadays, with White Supremacy in the Withe House, they have no more political existence. We all know that Trump is racist.

His last qualification of African countries as “shitholes” is a confirmation of it.

In the US territory, Blacks have to make a fight wich is old, because it is dated of the 1960th.: the “March on Washington” and the Dream Speech  of Martin Luther King in 1963 gave them civic rights that Trump repelled with White supremacists.

The term of DREAMERS is probably a reference to it.

Every year, America celebrates a “Martin Luther King Day”, but what about its reality?

As for migrants, Trumps banned the entry to the US territory to the most dangerous countries, these whom the population fled in search of an asylum: Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and so on.

The Statue of Liberty , on wich is written “give me your poor, …” is represented  on cartoons in chains.Liberty in NYC with chains , Amnesty USA, cartoon against Trump, January, 8, 2017

The right to asylum is now  nonexistent in the USA of Trump; compared to Canada, wich opened generously its borders to refugees, the policy of Trump seems revolting to American citizens.There are numerous demonstrations in favor of the DREAM Act, and even Republican Senators support it.

Protest in favor of DREAMERS after the end of the shutdown, January, 23, 2018.png

Screen-Shot-2018-01-21-at-12.20.22-PM, Politico.png

Concerning the DACA, it’s a program wich allows kids with family in the USA to join them . Having relatives on the US territory permits them to ask for the asylum right.

It seems evident,because kids who ask for the DACA are original from the Middle-East; in the actual context of this region, you can’t let a child alone in a no land zone. Mercenaries, traffickers of all genre make of them a prey: children are at  risk of becoming children-soldiers, and, for the girls, prostitutes.

The DACA saves them of these risks: moreover, they join their relatives and are safe.

To pass both the DREAM Act and the DACA are a priority for many Americans.

People protest to call for a new DREAM Act to replace DACA in Los Angeles

To conclude, we must remember that America was built on migrations, and that the country signed , in the 18th Century, the Declaration of the Human Rights.

It signed, too, this of 1948.

By his policy, Trump violates human rights and forgets American History, this of the Founding Fathers.

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