With Douma and Ghouta

We all know the situation in Eastern Ghouta, bombed and starved since 2013, but recently, Douma  is bombed daily by Assad , and moreover, bombed by chemicals.

These prohibited weapons (chemicals) are used now upon Ghouta.Syrian activists and free-lance journalists, supporters of the Revolution, publish on social media images, photos and reports of the situation.

Chemical Attack in Eastern Ghouta, January,22, 2018

On them, we can see children breath in a  oxygen mask, but this help is precarious: it is made in the ambulances of the White Helmets, the only rescuers.

There are no more hospitals in Syria, they all have been bombed.

Douma is now in ruins, as Ghouta is.

With method, Assad kills his people and his responsible for a genocide.

The Free Syrian Army liberates areas, such as villages close to Idlib, but the battle with Assad is without measure. The Free Syrian Army has never made use of chemicals; Assad, yes.Assad chemicals, August, 21, 2017

4 years after the massacre of Eastrn Ghouta inn 2013, the regime uses chemicals, Syrian Network for Human Rights

Furthermore, the complicity if Putin  and Rouhani is a great help to Assad: the silence of the international community, too, helps him.

As nobody  speaks out  to express his revolt , his indignation, save human rights activists, he has a full permission to exterminate all towns   of Syria, all Syrians, including kids.

So, I raise my voice: I am with Douma, I am with Ghouta, I am with the Syrian Revolution.

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