Writing for human rights in 2017 and still doing in 2018

2017 has been a year of on-line activism , and of posts denouncing the violations of human rights.

These were numerous: for Syrians, who are still suffering of Assad’s slaughter.#With Idlib,January,12,2018

For all prisoners of conscience, in most countries of the Middle-East: we all know the case of Raif Badawi , jailed for a liberal blog in Saudi Arabia, the stricter land on Islam.His book, and the foundation created by his wife in Canada, added to his notoriety.

Free Raif Badawi in all languages, January, 18, 2018

But who demonstrates for Nabeel Rajab, jailed in Bahrain for a tweet, and whose trial is always postponed ? Nobody.So, I wrote for him, and I am part of the Association for Human Rights in Bahrain.

Nabeel_Rajab_along_with_Abdulhadi_Alkhawaja_at_a_pro-democracy_march-Nabeel Rajab, Freedom of Speech, Twitter, August, 4, 2017.jpg

In the UAE, generally, a free speech leads you to prison : the best representative case is Ahmed Mansoor, a layer, arrested at home, at night, without arrest warrant, and not knowing the reasons why he was arrested. He is still in jail, with no perspective of a fair trial.Free Ahmed Mansour, UAE, January, 2018, CLuna27 Account

Forgive me, but every  country has now political prisoners, and I am , sadly , obliged to put this word at plural: in Egypt, the more famous is Shawkan Zeid, the photographer, jailed for his job; the government of Al Sissy suspected him of spying, as he only took photos of the streets, and the beauties of Egypt.The best posts about him can be found in the blog https://ciluna27.wordpress.com.

#Free Shawkan, Amnesty, January, 18, 2018

Close to Egypt, a territory where you can be shot and arrested only for being Palestinian, or seeming Arab: Israel.Ahed Tamimi is the iconic figure of the Resistance nowadays.

Ahed Tamimi, Palestinian Activist Jailed by Israel, Twitter, January, 5, 2018

Let’s leave the Middle-East and go to the Gulf : Iran is knowing  an “Iran Spring”, a movement of revolt against the Regime of the Mullahs.Guess what happens to the Opponents. A similar revolt erupted in 1988 , as you can read in the blog  https://freedomstarblog.wordpress.com.

Iran jails and sentences to the death penalty: acting for political prisoners, which means prisoners of conscience, is taking a stand for justice , for freedom of speech, and against the death penalty.Free Narges Mohammadi, January, 18, 2018#Save Ahmadreza, January, 18, 2018.jpgFree Nazanin , January, 17, 2018.jpg

Even a respected scholar like Mohammed Taheri can be prosecuted for his ideas, for his teaching . Now, his students take a stand for him.Free Taheri, January, 18, 2018.jpg

He is not the only one. But who cares of Iran? Trump is focused on the “Iran Deal” left by the Obama Administration; human rights in Iran? What about?

Mostly, in Western countries, these detainees , from all the lands above, are known by human rights activists, and thanks to  Human Rights NGO.

Let’s praise, not the great men, but Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.



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