Iran: Free All Political Prisoners

Protests are taking place in Iran since some days, against the Mullahs Regime.

This relies on a religious dictatorship which brings to prison, and often to death penalty, the Opponents.

Protesters demand the end of this dictatorship, and, as a human rights activist, I urge the Regime to free all the prisoners .Most of them are political prisoners, which means prisoners of conscience.

This post will be short: it is only to take a stand with Iranian protesters who fight for democracy in their country. It is, too, to act in favor of prisoners, and say: free them all, because they committed no crimes. Free expression is a right, and nobody shall be jailed because of it.

Moreover, the Iranian Regime supports Assad, and Rouhani is an obstacle to democracy in Syria, says the Syrian National Coalition.

The end of the Mullahs will be a great progress in the liberation of the region.

So, free all prisoners.

And support the protesters, because they are the future of Iran, and, perhaps, more.

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