URGENT ACTION: don’t let Syria assassinated

Fed up with Syria? Don’t be.

As Astana Talks are taking place , Syria is assassinated, place by place, towns after towns.

Eastern Ghouta is still besieged, and activists call for breaking the siege; but Assad is slaughtering his own people. Eastern Ghouta is dying silently. The city is besieged, bombed, and everything can be a target: schools are his last ones. So far, children will not access to education. Assad destroyed 22 schools in Eastern Ghouta in 2017

As Western media are focused on terrorism, let me say that the real terrorist is Assad : how can you name such a bomber? The true term is genocide for killing his own population.20171126190457_344_193_t_t_fCrimes committed by Assad and Russia in Eastern Ghouta, December, 31, 2017 to January, 8, 2018

If you believe what say the media, read “Who rules the World”, by Noam Chomsky: it is about the  power of media and propaganda.

These last days, Idlib was targeted, and the victims were all civilians.Russian attacks on Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib province, Syrian National Coalition, December, 18, 2017.jpgSyrie-des-raids-aeriens-font-18-morts-dans-la-province-d-Idlib.jpg

I write this post to say I am with Idlib , as I am with Ghouta.In fact, I am  with the Syrian Revolution , and against Assad/Putin/ Iran.

The bombings on Idlib were so terrible than , in the first days, civilians could be rescued by the White Helmets.Child saved in rural Damascus, Idlib, March, 26, 2017

Now, Idlib is destroyed, and its province has been shelled, too.

Some of the inhabitants have chosen to flee , and live as  refugees, in precarious camps.But even in this situation, they are shelled by missile.Syrian refugees camp in Idlib province targeted by Missile, Alaraby UK, January, 16, 2018

A short video of Al Jazeera English shows it very well: men, women, and kids , bombed in their camp.

Now that the Syrian Revolution is no more in the breaking news, because it lasts, don’t forget it .

Astana Talks are taking place: it is a great stake for Syria and its future. Syrian democracy depends on these talks and their result.

But please don’t wait that the result is the extermination of Syrians by Assad and his accomplices.

Don’t be by standers: ACT FOR SYRIA by all needs you have.

Sign petitions, share them, donate to a Syrian association if you can.

Call Congress if you are in the USA, email the European Parliament if you live in Europe, and follow this blog , created by Syrian artists:: https://syriancreativehavens.com


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