Trump ‘s failed policy in the Middle-East

The last news on Trump are focused on his ability to govern, and his relationship with Russia:if he has been elected with Russian  links, as revealed by inquiry of the FBI, he is culpable of treason and can be impeached.In another case, he can be impeached: if he is unfit to be President.

His politics in the Middle-East reveals a constant hatred of Arabs, a sympathy with Putin, and a unability to distinguish dictatorships from democratic movements.

Moreover, he does not know, it’s clear, the stakes of the policy in the Middle-East: his statement on Jerusalem is revelatory; it is a great ignorance of all the precedent negotiations on the issue, by former Presidents of the USA.jerusalem-israel-trump-protests(7)jerusalem-israel-trump-protestsIFR28N5F


His sympathy with Putin can be noticed in Syria: a cartoon shows him shaking hand of Putin , upon Syria.Trump Putin and Syria

Yes, Trump leads the international coalition against Assad, but the victims are the same: killed by Assad/ Putin or by Trump and the West, they are killed, and Syrians count them as “martyrs “(the term employed in Islam for a person killed at war, even a non warrior, a civilian) .Syrians abandoned by the USA, Trump does not matter, The NYT, August, 12, 2017

A very important fact is the selling of weapons by the USA to Saudi Arabia. Many petitions have been signed against this practice, because with these US  weapons, Saudi Arabia bombs Yemen : the richest country of the region against the poorer, now victim of starvation and cholera.Yemen,  US State Department ,_Attacks-on-civilians.jpg

His statement on Jerusalem has opened a profound division between Jews and Arabs.Since the foundation of Israel, the USA protect Israel, but no President has lightened such a fire in the Palestinian population.Trump tweets on Jerusalem, January, 3, 2018

A bit of diplomacy is necessary.

Trump’s diplomacy? None.Trump's world cartoon the International NYT

He is at war with the Middle-East that he does not know; a former President acted like this, but it was in emergency: Bush didn’t know the Middle-East, but he declared the “War on Terror ” in September, 2001.

What is Trump’s War?

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