My vigil for Raif Badawi

Today, a vigil was organized in Vienna, and yesterday, in London, to show support for Raif Badawi. The photo of the header is the protest in Vienna, this below, the vigil in London:

Vigil for Raif Badawi in London, January, 11, 2018.jpg

A vigil is always a collective movement, where people gather. But in my town, and my region, nobody is interested in Raif Badawi’s defense.

Truly, they are interested in their own problems. So, I organize this vigil myself.As I write these lines, I am alone in my flat, with my computer.

The light people take with them is my heart and in my writing .

I write this post in support of Raif Badawi, to protest against his emprisonment.I am a proud member of the Foundation created by his wife, in Canada.

I will take a stand on social media and in my blog , until King Salman releases him.

His blog, the Saudi Liberals, was immediately  deleted by Saudi authorities, for he wrote in favor of a liberal Islam and criticised the politics of the Kingdom.

Blogging is not a crime: free speech is a human right.

Some analysts are enthusiast because Saudi Arabia is on the path to reform ; in effect, the Kingdom allowed women to drive, after a long fight from their part, the famous “Women Drive”.

But we must not forget that there is NO free speech in the country: the King is the warrant of the religion , Saudi Arabia being the land of Mecca.

All opponents , in matter of politics, or liberal Muslims, pay the hard price of their liberty.

In the two vigils, people gathered to show their support, with banners on wich are written : Free Raif .

Free Raif : it is my conclusion.

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