Peace in Palestine: Israeli Refuzniks show the way

2018 has been declared the “Year of Palestine”.2018 Le Temps de La Palestine

We have to stand up for this occupied land, and the question of Jerusalem, wich is an issue of division , has been reactivated by President Trump. By his declaration making of Jerusalem the Capital of Israel he re opened the debate and the BDS policy : also, he killed the Oslo Agreements.

Peace between Israel and Palestine is a high stake nowadays.

The Settlements are growing in Palestinian Land since 1948,

Palestine from 1918 until now the “Nakba” (disaster in Arabic) and now Benjamin Netanyahu  will”protect” Israel from the Gaza Strip by the construction of a Wall.

Netanyahu and Trump are united in the issue: each one will have his Wall; Trump, between Mexico and the USA, Netanyahu between Palestinians and Israel.

For the generation who saw the Fall of the Berlin Wall, it is a politics of nonsense.

Israel, since its foundation , is perpetually at war with the originally population, Palestinians, Arabs. I know that writing that is close to the delict of Antisemism.If I wrote the contrary, I should have been anti-Arabs.

The question of being Palestinian is , first, to be Arab and proud of it.This video is a poem of Mahmoud Darwich:

The question is a fire : light a cigarette, and the bomb will explode. On both sides, it is the same.

Palestinians resist by the Intifada (the first, the second, etc…).Israelis reply by shooting and arresting the protesters.At an international level, the supporters of Palestine are for BDS ( Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) and claim it from their leaders: without success, in most times.Meanwhile, the supporters of Israel recall the  Genocide of Jews by Hitler during WWII.

A peace solution with  Two States have been the object of all negotiations: the status of Jerusalem remains pending, because it is a Holy Place for the three monotheism.

Recently, the public opinion is more divided than ever on the issue of Jerusalem since Trump’s Statement.

However, some Israeli soldiers refuse to be part of  the conflict. Knowing that a military service is mandatory in Israel for both men and women, refusing it is a delict from the Israeli point of view.

Those who refuse are called “The Refuzniks”; they refuse the army because they have peaceful convictions and don’t want to shoot on demonstrators, who are not an army but civilians, armed with what they find or can make.

The opinion is focused, concerning Palestinians, on terrorist attacks: these depend on the strength or weakness of the Hamas, a terrorist organization.

The PLO is not for violence, it is, like the Refuzniks, for a path for peace.

In the context of Trump and Netanyahu, it is no more evident.



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