Artists take a stand for Idlib

Marc Nelson regularly paints on Syria to raise awareness . Today, he painted  to take a stand for Idlib.The photo of the header is this painting.

Although I am not an artist, I will try to use all my creativeness to take a stand , too, for Idlib.

This town has been bombed, today, both by Assad and Putin.It is not the first time, but this time is enough!Idlib bombed by Assad, January, 9, 2018

Idlib is destroyed , and civilians are exterminated .

My last post was on Eastern Ghouta, under fire. Now, it is Idlib and its region wich are bombed.

Methodically, by all means, towns after towns,  Assad destroys Syria and kills its inhabitants: Homs in 2012, Damascus, Eastern Ghouta besieged since 2013 , and bombed, Hama, the symbol of uprising against the Bath (repressed by Hafiz El Assad), Aleppo one year ago, Douma, Idlib: forgive me if I forgot some names.

He is responsible for a genocide : Russia and Iran are  his accomplices in it.

Idlib deserve that we take a stand for it. The city is slaughtered. Russian and Assad bombing on Idlib , January, 9, 2018, Syrian National Coalition.jpg

This photo is property of the National Syrian Coalition.

So far, Syrians deserve  that we denounce Assad and Putin ‘s murders.

Since 2011, they fight for democracy, and Assad made of this Revolution a genocide.

I take a stand for Idlib. I take a stand for the Syrian Revolution.

If you agree, please ACT NOW by your own means.


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