Eastern Ghouta under fire

Today, the bombs fallen upon Eastern Ghouta were  launched by Assad’s army, not by Putin’s.

The bombs fallen today achieved to make of the besieged city ruins.Syrians protestested by a “2nd Day of Rage”. The “Day of Rage” expresses the violence of the resentment against the violence of weapons.2nd Day of Rage in Syria, Statement, January, 7, 2018

No house nor shop wich was not destroyed: the city is unlivable.

As usual, civilians were the  targets, and enough is enough with the word “collateral damages”: in usual and true words, Syrians , including women, kids, and the elder are killed .If the war were in YOUR country, you would be a “collateral damage” yourself.

The Geneva Conventions are violated daily, both by Assad and Putin.

Under this fury, civilians have as only rescue the White Helmets: they do their job of saving lives under bombs, at the risk of being killed themselves.

Trucks of basic goods, which were hijacked, are also destroyed. The last hospital has being bombed , and a petition, largely signed, protested against this: “doctors in danger”, can be signed ; here is the link:   https://www.change.org/p/emmanuel-macron-doctorsindanger-stop-au-ciblage-des-hôpitaux-et-du-personnel-médical-en-syrie.

I have signed it, as I signed this of “not a  target” about hospitals and pharmacies when they were still remaining. In Ghouta, the place  used  to cure patients is precarious: this photo shows a  White Helmet in a rescue car; it is property of the National Coalition.2nd Day of Rage in Syria, Syrian Coalition, January, 7, 2018

Eastern Ghouta is living such an awful condition since 2013 that I want to wake up those who would have forgotten it.

Since the last months of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, the destruction of the town and the murder of its inhabitants has become more intense.

Even if we are so  lucky to live in a democracy, we must not forget Eastern Ghouta bombed daily, besieged, starved.

The only sound in Ghouta now is this of bombs falling upon the city , shooting their fire.

Sound and Fire, remember this?

So, please, if you read me, speak out against these bombings, sign all the petitions , and share them widely.

Act NOW for inhabitants of Eastern Ghouta.

I don’t want to name my next post on  ” From whom the Bell Tolls?”

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