Free Ahed Tamimi

Ahed  Tamimi has become in few days an iconic symbol of the  Palestinian resistance to Israel.

For having speak out against the Israeli power and its policy of the settlements, for having demanded freedom for the political prisoners, she is now herself a political prisoner.

She was arrested during a demonstration for the respect of Jerusalem as the Capital of Palestine.

All Muslims support this cause, because of the presence in Jerusalem of the Al  Aqsa Mosque, a holy place in Islam.

Unlike this, for Jews, Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel because of the Temple.

Israeli military forces shoot and arrest all demonstrators.

The decision of Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel is a source of fought on the ground. In cartoons, humor is used to ridicule  Trump: Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine, Twitter, January, 4,2018

Ahed Tamimi is a  very young woman, but her engagement in the Palestinian Resistance is now matter of fact.Ahed Tamimi, Palestinian Activist Jailed by Israel, Twitter, January, 5, 2018

Activists are mobilized to ask for her release , as a prisoner of conscience.  She was not judged, she  was jailed after being arrested  during the protest.

She didn’t use violence, she only protested on the long Israeli Occupation which stole to Palestinian their lands .

Jerusalem as the Capital of Palestine / of Israel (according to Trump, it is of Israel) , is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The right to protest is recognized in the Declaration of Human Rights, but Israel doesn’t  respect it.

So, I protest myself in this post: free Ahed Tamimi, because she is a prisoner of conscience.

And with her I speak out : Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine.



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