Syrian National Coalition in solidarity with Iranian protests

As protesters in Iran are chanting against the Mullahs Regime since now five days, demanding a political change , the President of the Syrian National Coalition stressed today that these protests were excellent for Syria and the whole region.Iranian Protests, Twitter, December, 30, 2017

Thinking that the Iranian Regime backed Assad , it is true that the destitution of the Mullahs ,would be a great path in the stability of the region; for Syria, it would be the disappearance  of an obstacle in negotiations for democracy.

Iran, as Syria, is a dictatorship: the fall of the first would help the fall of the second.

Moreover, Iran is led by a religious tyranny; it is not a surprise that the  Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah joined it on the ground in Syria. It didn’t matter to these extremist Islamists that the Bath was an atheist party: they found in Syria an opportunity to expand their power.Iran Godfather of terrorism in the region, Twitter, May, 24, 2017

The support of Iran to Assad made him more powerful , in particular in his repression of the Revolutionaries.This map shows an Iranian military site in Syria: syria-iran-site, The Independent, August,22, 2017

Iran is the country which practices the most the death penalty , according to Amnesty International : opponents are hung publicly; imprisonments are made without arrest warrant, and there is no free speech.Death penalty in Iran.jpg

In Syria, people demonstrate for the detainees, the disappeared: they want this question on the table at future negotiations; unlike this, they would disappear a second time, of the memory.Demonstration in Homs  the Detainees cannot be part of the negotiations, December 16, 2017, Syrian National Coalition.jpg

The Syrian Network for Human Rights published a report on the number of casualties in 2017: these tolls include the crimes made by Iran.

In effect, the downfall of the Mullahs, following the Iranian protests, can have a positive impact on the Syrian Revolution.

Myriam Rajavi, the Iranian leader of the Opposition , delivered a program which is democratic, and condemned the Mullahs :Maryam Rajavi , Twitter screenshot, after Rouhani re election, May, 20,2017

Since 2011, Syrians fight for democracy: with Assad, Putin, Rouhani, they still live under terrorism , even if they have an Interim Government to represent their will at an international level.

Their will, as this of Iranians,is democracy, and the downfall of the Regime.

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