Impeach Trump

The unpopularity of Trump is so great now that the file of the Russian complicity in his election is again put on the table.

The hacking of the elections by Russia will make of Trump a treat.

On Twitter, the hashtag #Trump Russia Conspiracy is going viral .

It has to be added Trump’s personal tweets, which represent a real threat for the USA, and for the world: one is about his nuclear button, about North Corea; one is about his policy in Jerusalem and his abandon of Palestinians to Israel.

Trump tweets about North Corea, CNN, January, 3, 2018

Trump tweets on Jerusalem, January, 3, 2018

According to the “Washington Post” of yesterday, these tweets show the weakness of Trump facing the possible Impeachment:

Even in his own party, he lose supporters, and the Democratic Party is leading a campaign to the Impeachment of Trump.

For the complicity of Russia in the elections, only , he can be impeached , for treason.

But his treason was daily towards the American people , by suppressing all the social advantages, to the benefit of the richest; American call this class “the 1°/°”.Trump and the Constitution.jpg

Trump was , also, accomplice of Russia in Syria.

He is, now, on the point to engage the USA in a war with North Corea: he tweeted a comparison on the “bigger button”, suggesting that in the war , North Corea is not able to defend.

According to the American Constitution, a President can be impeached in case of treason, but also if his mental capacities are unfit to govern; it a President falls in madness, he is impeached  for this reason.

The article of the “Post” points out that Trump compared himself with Julius Caesar. This type of comparison is not allowed in a democracy like the USA, and the “Post” shows the opposition between Julius Caesar’s mercy and Trump’s absence of mercy.

Trump, by his recent tweets, confirmed that he is a danger for the whole world, by seeking a war: not in the Middle-East, but in Corea .

Is it still governed as a democracy, a country governed as Trump does?

The threat is real : the Russian hacking of his election, and his potential mental disease.

Impeach Trump before it’s too late.

We are looking for Trump’s Watergate.#TrumpGate

President Nixon in October 1972, the NYT, reproduced in the WP, May, 10, 2017

Why , now , as  when Nixon was President, we need a Deep Throat.



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