Tragic New Year from the Children of Syria

As worldwide people are preparing for the New Year, I write this post to remember that 2018 will be a new tragic year in Syria, especially for children, the more vulnerable.

Yesterday, a new bombing was the fact of Assad on Eastern Ghouta: Eastern Ghouta, the city besieged since 2013, where kids die of starvation and lack of medicines.

Children victims of bombings in Eastern Ghouta, Twitter, November, 27,2017

No help reaches the town :  the  French organization , Syrian based, Syria Charity, which brings to the ground basic necessities, such as food, medicines, and clothes, has been stolen from the donations of the public. The stolen are Syrian themselves, the beneficiaries  of this help.

In Eastern Ghouta, children are the symbol of the suffering of  a whole population, the Syrian people. People who want to speak out for kids use their talent for them : we must thank especially Marc Nelson, those paintings are dedicated to Syrian kids.

Marc Nelson painting of children in Ghouta

Some days ago, a child, named Karim, lost his eye, and , in a movement of solidarity, his photo went viral , and people sent photos of themselves with an eye closed by one hand.

If Ghouta has become the symbol of Assad’s slaughters, we must not forget that he  is still bombing Idlib . Civilians are his first target, and he  is responsible for war crimes, under the Geneva Conventions.

For killing his own people since 2011, he is responsible for a genocide.

Syrians have no rescuers , save the White Helmets, and everyone remember , I hope, that they saved a baby, that they saved Omran, a child , from a rubble; they did so more else…

Civil Defense in Eastern Ghouta, December, 3, photo property of Syria Civil Defense

This photo is property of the Syrian Civil Defense, The White Helmets.

In 2017, the Resolutions of the Special Envoy of the UN in Syria, Stefan de Mistura, were to be put in draft ; but all Putin’s vetoes (10!) didn’t allow to send Assad to the ICC, as wanted by Syrians.

More, Putin made of the So Chi meetings a failure because , in this perspective, Assad would remain in power.

The Syrian National Coalition rejected this proposal, because it is inconceivable to govern with a Mass Killer, a genocidal, and a man who exterminated the future of Syria by killing the children.Children have been murdered since 2011, The Syria Campaign, Twitter, October, 27

Children are the future of a free Syria. Children killed in Idlib and Aleppo,April, 27, 2017Children are the future, Syria Civil Defense, August, 18, 2017

Assad killed massively Syrians, and he cut the future of the country.

Syrians keep hope in the  Revolution of 2011, and in its promises. I support them.

Save the children of Syria.

Save Children of Syria, Syria Awareness Campaign,October,30, 2017

Children are the future, Syria Civil Defense, August, 18, 2017


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