Assad bombs Ghouta

As I was on Twitter this morning, I saw the alert “URGENT: Assad Bombs Ghouta”.It’s why I write this post.

Ghouta is bombed and besieged since 2013, and Assad is responsible for war crimes in this town and its region.

Enough is enough: since this date, the population is starved, and killed  by bombings , to add to the horror.

The bombing of today is a supplementary  path into crimes against humanity. With the impunity of the Russian Veto, the Assad Regime is allowed all crimes before an international community  those action is unsuccessful.

The only rescue Syrians have is this of the Syrian Civil Defense, The White Helmets. In a time when an on-line propaganda is reigning to make them terrorists, it is worth remembering that the terrorist is Assad himself.

White Helmet killed in Eastern Ghouta, Twitter, November, 20, 2017The White Helmets saving a baby, Twitter, November, 16,2017

How to qualify such actions? The Syrian National Coalition rejects all negotiations including the survival of  Assad in power: those who didn’t understand why , will, I hope, after the events of today.

Movements of solidarity are growing on Twitter, but not in another place.

I read articles on this bombing,but they were treated as breaking news.

Assad bombs Ghouta, December, 30, 2017This photo is property of “The Times”.

Tomorrow, they will be forgotten by the opinion.Another breaking news will succeed in the daily. On the contrary, the stake is the daily life of a whole population in a region . On Twitter, the hashtag #Break Ghouta Siege is viral since days and days.

It is not my first post on the situation in Eastern Ghouta, but this one is to claim my horror before this situation, the bombing of today, and the by standing of the West.

I put out  of this category some Irish  supporters of the cause, and some British who organize vigils in their own towns in solidarity.

All the Resolutions of the UN , the Declaration of Human Rights , and the Geneva Conventions have been violated by Assad.

Since 2011, the Syrian Network for Human Rights documents all the casualties made by the Regime.

Syrian journalists on the ground risk their lives to inform us.

How many more victims , this morning?

The Twitter alert said “Do they want to exterminate us all?”




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