The People Want the Downfall of the Regime

As the Sochi Meeting is going to have no results, because Russia, one more time, searches to protect Assad and  save his Regime, the Syrian National Coalition gives the reasons of its disapproval.

The stakes were the negotiations for a free Syria, without Assad and his family, which are responsible for  war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The Coalition diffused on You Tube a very short video explaining that the Syrian people want to topple Assad, as in 2011.

They sum up in this popular chant of the 2011 Revolutions, which was this of Syria in March, 15, 2011: “The People  Want the Downfall of the Regime”.

Since 2011 to now, Assad used all weapons against his own people: siege, bombing, chemicals, enforced disappearance, and, as women are concerned, rape.

In these conditions, it is impossible to accept to set up a new political regime with Assad remaining in power.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights recently published its last report , on the use of barrel bombs and the number of victims . These weapons were not used by Russia, Iran, and had no relationships with the  terrorist Hezbollah: Assad and his army are the only responsible for these  war murders.

Click to access The_Syrian_Regime_Has_Dropped_Nearly_70,000_Barrel_Bombs_en.pdf

Syrians want a free Syria, with a democracy; the Syrian Coalition, which acts as Interim Government, represents it in meetings at an international level.

But the International Governments have failed in their support to the Syrian path to  democracy.

So, the Coalition   diffuses on social media videos and photos showing the true Syria. A new You Tube Channel  has been  created by the Syrian Coalition: few people are subscribed to, less than 300. Today, looking at a video, I subscribed to this Channel.

Concerning international media, papers try to deceive the opinion by the threat of returnees.

More seriously, a  French State channel diffused a documentary on the rape of women as a tool of war in Assad’s prisons. The film is a succession  of testimonies, and is in Arabic, with French subtitles.

According to all these facts, the exigencies of Russia in Sochi are unacceptable.

Like in March , 2011, the Syrian People want  the Downfall of  the Regime .


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