Since five years, we stand for Raif Badawi

Since five years, Raif Badawi is sentenced to jail and flogging for having created a liberal blog.

Since this time, he had no opportunity to see his family; for Christmas , people twitted #Home 4 Christmas. But even if he has supporters, who  fight  in favor of his liberation, the King of Saudi Arabia keeps strong on his sentence.

The  photo of the header is taken on the Twitter account of @CLuna27.

He wrote great posts about Raif Badawi in his blog :

He is no more flogged, but petitions , particularly of Amnesty International , call for his freedom: I signed them .

He is a prisoner of conscience : he pays the hard price for freedom of expression, a human right, in a country where it does not exist.

In Saudi Arabia, the country of Mecca, the holy city of all Muslims, the law does not allow to speak freely of Islam and of politics, the King being the grant of religion.

His family moved to Canada, a free country, and his wife, Miss Ensar, calls to the Prime Minister , to use his power diplomatically, to obtain the liberation of her husband. This call was made with Amnesty Canada. It is the more recent action in favor of Raif.

In Canada, she created an Association , the Raif Badawi Foundation, for freedom in the Arab World; I am proud to be member of it, for human rights in a region where they are constantly violated.

Vigils are organized, silent protests, marches where people have on the banner the photo of Raif Badawi, and the name of the organization which is at the initiative of it: generally, Amnesty.

In a vigil, like this organized recently in London, the light of the candles is the symbol of the light of Esperance, and of the sun he didn’t see since five years.

I can only  be active on-line, by signing petitions, sharing them, and tweeting for Raif Badawi.

This post is an activism one: #Free Raif.


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