#With Karim and with the White Helmets

Some days ago, a child, Karim, lost an eye in Ghouta, and the hashtag #With Karim went viral on Twitter.Karim is  a symbol of all children victims of  Assad and Putin .

People sent on the network photos of themselves with an eye shut by their hand, in solidarity.

But what was forgotten in this campaign was the fact that Karim was rescued by the White Helmets, and , without them, he could have lost, not only an eye, but his life.

I received the newsletter of Syria Awareness Campaign, I am subscribed to, and they ask for support from the international community.

On Twitter, they say that nobody cares of Syria, and the situation is worse: the genocide continues.

I care, and I write for all Syrians demanding a democracy and fighting for it.

As for the White  Helmets, they actually are the victims of a defamation  on-line campaign, which is the opus of Russia.

This is pure propaganda: the White Helmets give all they have, according to the Quran verse ” Who saves a life saves the whole humanity; who kills a life kills the whole humanity”.

They have chosen to save lives, and in besieged Ghouta, as in all Syria, they are rescuers of Assad’s victims. Karim is one of these.

Remember that sometimes, they lose their life in doing their  job, like in the first photo:

White Helmet killed in Eastern Ghouta, Twitter, November, 20, 2017The White Helmets saving a baby, Twitter, November, 16,2017

So, I stand with Karim, and I stand with the White Helmets.

This post is a tribute to these rescuers who, in the name of humanity, chose to devote their lives to others’ ones.


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