The Syrian National Coalition calls for respect of the UN Resolutions

As talks on the future of Syria continue, Assad and Putin break the discussions by airstrikes and siege.

Today, Russian planes attacked Khan Sheikhoun, in Idlib province (source, the Syrian Coalition).

The airstrikes are responsible for many death of civilians; Putin, the ally of Assad, who always vetoed the decisions of the UN Security Council, is still breaking the truce at the time of decisive talks.Russian attacks on Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib province, Syrian National Coalition, December, 18, 2017.jpg

This, of course, will delay the negotiations on the future of Syria, and the work of the Syrian Coalition, which is now the Interim Government.

As Assad, he continues his policy of the siege, and the situation in Eastern Ghouta is worse day after day .As Putin’s veto protects him from a trial in The Hague, he has no measure in the extermination of his people. 20171123190210_344_193_t_t_fAssad bombs orphanage in Eastern Ghouta, Syrian National Coalition, July, 29, 2017.jpg

The second photo is an orphanage in Ghouta  bombed by Assad.

He is a terrorist and a responsible for a genocide.

In these conditions, the Syrian National Coalition calls the International Community to make respect the UN Resolutions.

These were protecting civilians in Syria, and trying to create a truce.

These Resolutions were always without effect, and the International Community turned its head, not to see: blindness, silence, as a mute , and by-standing are the common attitudes in Western Democracies.

The situation being crucial, the Coalition calls the West to make protect Syrians: these countries which do nothing have voted the UN Resolutions: why don’t they intervene to make them respect ?

On these, rely the peace in Syria, and the talks which can give the country a democratic   Constitution, the realization of what want Syrians since 2011.

To delay this peace by supplementary crimes is the work of two mass killers, two terrorists, and two dictators. In Russia, Putin is candidate for a fourth mandate , and we can have doubts on the transparency of the elections.

An elected dictator, a hereditary one: two authors of  genocides.

Who will call for help in favor of Syria?

Who will say: enough?

This post is written in the only objective to raise awareness on the obstacles to a peaceful and democratic Syria.


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