Assad Mass Killer of children

Assad as a Mass Killer is an evidence, since 2011, but most of his victims are the vulnerable, amid them children.Syrian Children , Syria Awareness Campaign, Twitter,December, 16, 2017

With his policy of the siege, children don’t resist to famine and lack of medicines.In winter, they are less resistant to the cold season in Syria.Even if organizations try to assure a minimum in favor of these kids, Assad militias de turn the humanitarian convoys ; only Syrian backed organizations, like Syria Charity, try to help.

But generally, Syrian children are exterminated by the Syrian Regime in a perfect indifference: they have been bombed by Assad, by the International Coalition (“collateral  damages” include kids), and they have been starved by the sieges.

One year ago, Aleppo, and now, Eastern Ghouta are perfect examples of Assad’s murders.

Thefirst photo is Aleppo, the second, Ghouta:Aleppo, one year ago, Twitter, December, 16, 2017

Eastern Ghouta siege, Syrian Coalition, October, 23,2017

The reports of the Syrian Network for Human Rights provide a reliable information on the victims of Assad : according to them, there are a great number of children in Assad’s victims.Malnourished child in Syria , Syria Awareness Campaign, October, 24, 2017

Unlike this, in the West, mass media, as TV, indoctrinate the public by making him believe that negotiations with Assad are possible and that the West  can rely on him. Scandalous interviews , on a State Channel, like in France, deceive the public.

Not a word on the suffering of the Syrian people, and the killing of children.Save Children of Syria, Syria Awareness Campaign,October,30, 2017

From 2011  to now , Syria has lost the source of its future: kids exterminated ; for some who fled the country with their family , and are now asylum-seekers, no education in the precarious camps of refugees.

We cannot stay bystanders as , daily, children die at war.

Have we lost the memory, we , who celebrate the Shoah and teach WWII , and said : “never more” ?Children are the future, Syria Civil Defense, August, 18, 2017

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