#Free Shawkan

Many people today tweeted in favor of Shawkan, the Egyptian photographer, jailed since a while for his job.

The hashtag #Free Sawkan is revelatory of the lack of justice and respect of human rights in Egypt today.Only for having made his job , Shawkan is considered as an opponent to the Regime and imprisoned.

His health is deteriorating; he suffers  from Hep C , and has no access to medicines.

His trial is always postponed, and it is never question to free him; unlike this, photographing is not a delict, so, on Twitter, activists call for his liberation.

In the actual Egypt, under the regime of Al Sissi, it is easier to protest on-line, via social networks, than in the streets. Egyptian human rights associations are active on the web , as “Press Behind Bars”, or the @Voice of Egypt , on Twitter. I follow both of them, in their fight for freedom of expression in their country.

Shawkan is an example of this lack of justice in Egypt: so, today, I raised my voice with these of Egyptians demanding the freedom of Shawkan.

#Free Shawkan.



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