Syria: The only Interim Government is the Syrian National Coalition

As peace talks have resumed, Assad and his allies want to save the Baath inheritance; unlike this, there is a strong movement in the Syrian civil society  to support the Syrian National Coalition.Syria Talks Twitter , December, 14,2017

Now, Assad has principally the support  of Putin, but this one humiliated Assad by walking  before him and his guards;he made Assad seem like a clown.

But of course, what Syrians refuse in Assad’s role in the political transition is to be governed by a war criminal.Our Syria will not be governed by a war criminal, Syrian American Council, December, 12, 2017

In March 2011, they raised against a hereditary tyranny, and claimed for justice, dignity, rule of the law.

From March, 15th, 2011, to now, they have been bombed, starved, besieged, and the UN Resolutions were never applied.

The International Community killed civilians, and now they give no support to the Syrian National Coalition in a time  they need it.

When the Syrian National Coalition stresses that it is the only legitimate Interim Government, and when Syrians support it, they recall the dictatorship of the Assad’s family.

Bachar  Al Assad  continues the politics of his father, Hafiz Al Assad, the responsible for a coup and for the dictatorship of the Baath, the unique party; Hafiz Al Assad,  the butcher of  Hama in 1982. Hama, 1982

Syrians want  a true democracy, as in 2011: they have suffered enough for it.Assad is a Terrorist and a War Criminal

Bachar Al Assad made of Syria , since the beginning of the Revolution in 2011, a cemetery; living people want respect and democracy.

Assad have still violated human rights, as did his father.

He has no place in the future of a free Syria.

For this reason, the Syrian National Coalition is the only legitimate Interim Government.

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