The Twitter campaign for Mohammad Ali Taheri

The Iranian scholar Mohammad Ali Taheri is still jailed, despite the wage of protests online, and the petition of Amnesty International to free him: I signed  it and shared on my social media, especially Twitter.Free Taheri Amnesty Campaign, Twitter, December, 13, 2017

In Iran, he is condemned to the death penalty for his thought; Iranians raise their voices against this sentence, and speak out for his freedom, for he has committed no crime.

He is only a scholar, a thinker, whose expression is contradictory to the Mullahs Regime.As there is no freedom of speech and expression , he was condemned for this only reason.

To protest, he went on hunger strike in 2016, because of the injustice of his condemnation, but it was with no result.

Since the time he has spent in prison , his health is deteriorating .

As I wrote in a precedent post, he is a scholar at risk. We all must stand up for his liberation, because its sentence is  contrary to human rights.

Nobody shall be prosecuted for his opinions.

I, who is not Iranian, raise my voice with Iranian activists, for the liberation of Mohammad Ali Taheri.

On Twitter, I participate to the campaign to free him, and am a member of the @Taheri_Movement.Taheri Movement 1

Today, I shared, too, the hashtag #Free_Taheri.

I did it because I feel concerned by this unjust sentence.I did it to defend human rights.

In the case of Taheri, the Iranian Regime violates them by jailing an innocent and prestigious scholar.



  1. The handle of the original page campaigning for Mohammad Ali Taheri’s freedom on Twitter is: @free_taheri . This page is being supported by Amnesty groups, Iran’s Human Rights Watch, and many reputable activists and journalists. And the Hashtag being used is #FreeTaheri. Thanks

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