Libya: migrants risk their life and dignity

Both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch denounce the conditions of Libyan migrants.

When still in their homeland, they have to pay high fees to traders who sell them precarious boats. The Mediterranean Sea is becoming a cemetery for most migrants.

The reporter of Human Rights Watch  issued a photo report  named “Saving Lives At Sea”, which shows us the difficult conditions of the journey and the work of the rescuers.anthony-jean_204anthony-jean_338

Photos are property of the report of Human Rights Watch, quoted above.

According to the maritime laws, it is a duty to rescue people risking to die ; but the call “SOS”, which origin is  in this tradition, is less respected.

The rescuers quoted in the report of HRW are probably volunteers.

As for Amnesty, the organization calls the Libyan government and the European Commission to protect Libyan refugees.amnestyfr_-_rapport+libye+12decembre2017

It is necessary to say that Libyans are sold at auction when they arrive in Europe.

After having paid traders in Libya, and risked their lives in the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea, it’s their dignity of human beings which is at stake.

No  human being shall be sold or reduced to slavery; unlike this, European  traders  treat Libyans as a source of money, as a merchandise.

This practice is contrary to all of our values, to human rights.

Selling a human being at auction reminds us the worst of American History, the Civil War, and the uses of the Southern States before the Abolition of Slavery by President Lincoln.

In the 21st Century, Libyans are victims of this practice.

I raise my voice against it.

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