In the name of human rights, I stand for Ghouta

I had no time yesterday , on Human Rights Day, to write a post, but I don’t bear the disappearance of Ghouta in media.

For this reason, I put on my header the words “human rights”, in Arabic.

An immense humanitarian crisis takes place in this city, since 2013, and nobody speak out for the inhabitants, save activists: most of them are Syrians.Eastern Ghouta siege, Syrian Coalition, October, 23,2017

This photo is property of the Syrian National Coalition.

The besieged town is starving , and the international community is composed of bystanders. They are focused on the returnees from Syria,those  who engaged in the former Islamic State, fearing they commit attacks in their homeland.

Meanwhile, Assad is creating a famine which kills his own people; the most vulnerable are dying of starvation, children first.

I received an appeal from the organization Syria  Charity to give for Ghouta, an emergency donation, but at a time when I had not enough money , and I felt ashamed, as I live in the West, with good conditions of life, and in a democracy.

I dedicate this post to those whose Human Rights are violated daily.

Eastern Ghouta represents ,as Aleppo one year ago, and Homs in 2012, the worse men are able to.

With the Russian veto, Assad can not be judged  at the Hague.Putin’s protection of Assad sustains him in his crimes. Assad can even use chemical weapons in an absolute impunity.


Ghouta Assad responsable d'attaques par armes chimiques

Putin and Assad are responsible for these murders: Ghouta is one.

Unlike the Western opinion, we don’t forget Ghouta.

And we pay tribute to those who save daily civilians, their rescuers, the White Helmets.

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