Jerusalem: hands off Al Aqsa

Yesterday was a “day of rage” in Jerusalem, after Trump ‘s approval of making Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

Being passed definitively  under the Israeli power and territory, Jerusalem was an immense lost for all Palestinians , and Muslims worldwide .

This decision canceled all the negotiations between Palestinians ans Israeli, on the status of the Holy City.

The Temple Mount, the Lament Wall, and Al Aqsa Mosque share the same city.It’s a place of pilgrimage for Jews, for Christians, and for Muslims .

Moreover, it was the capital of Palestine before the Balfour Declaration, and the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, after WWII.

Palestinians feeling deprived a little  more each day with the Settlements, this symbol is the straw that broke the camel’s back.jerusalem-israel-trump-protests(7)

Protests took place with virulence, and the flags of the USA and Israel were burnt publicly, as shown in the header.jerusalem(7)

At it was a Friday, holy day in Islam, the protests were quickly called “day of rage”, as  demonstrators chanted “Allah Akbar” (“God is Great”)I give the translation to avoid all confusing .There is no Islamism in this chant, but a  faith proclamation . Many anthems refer to God, as the American one .

In the USA, Muslims, who are not well-treated by the policy of Trump, showed their disapproval by demonstrations.

The difference is that in the USA , protests are protected by the 1st Amendment ; in Israel, Palestinian protests are still considered as a delict.jerusalem-israel-trump-protests(5)

Demonstrators, in Palestine, wore, for some, the “keffiyeh” to which Arafat gave popularity.jerusalem-israel-trump-protestsBM8UF5T3

The stakes of the decision to make Jerusalem capital of Israel are high: the peace agreements between Israel and Palestine no more exist. We are back to the period before the Oslo Agreements.

The question remains: on what basis Trump funds his policy in the Middle-East?


Photos are property of a British newspaper and an article by David Sim.





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