No justice for Shawkan, the Egyptian photographer

According to the network Freedom Behind the Bars, which takes the defense of Egyptian journalists or other professions  arrested and jailed, seven are waiting for a pretrial (not a trial ) , and Shawkan, arrested  and jailed for his job, is dying of Hep C.

None healthcare was provided to him, the whole time he was imprisoned, and this lack of medicine is killing him.

C Luna wrote for his freedom many great posts, and I am not able to add many words to these posts: I only share the same  fight.

In one, C Luna collected photos from skies from diverse countries, as Shawkan said: “I miss the sky”.#Sky for Shawkan, Twitter, October, 30,2017

I sent a photo of the sky, taken from my window, a blue sky of spring.

Now, I can only invite the reader to read C Luna posts about Shawkan, and please share them:

It is very difficult to write a post about a man who was the symbol of Egyptian free photography, as he is dying.

I have taken stands for freedom of Egyptian journalists or opponents to the Regime. Shawkan  has been considered as an opponent, and so jailed, for his photos.

Despite petitions of Amnesty International, that I signed, Egypt has no justice.

No free press, no free photography.

Shawkan is a symbol, an example. We must pay tribute to his courage.



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