#Free @Darius Taheri

Today I had little time to go on Twitter, but the hashtags that were viral were #Free Taheri   and @Taheri_Movement.

For Iranians it was a time of action and protest against the condemnation of Pr Taheri , a spiritual leader, jailed without proofs .Quotes of Darius Taheri are centered on freedom, on the movement of free will and thought, and the network created by a free internet which connects all consciences.

I fully share this point of view , but I am not Iranian, and I can tell and write freely, unlike Iranians.

I write this post to support his liberation: a review  of his condemnation is not sufficient, for he will not have a fair trial. Moreover, what will be the object of this trial, as he is not a criminal?

He is a thinker, and a prisoner of conscience.The only  valuable thing is to free him, unconditionally .Taheri Movement 1

I have signed petitions of the organization @Scholars At Risk: I follow them on Twitter, and I am subscribed to their newsletter.

Taheri is a scholar at risk. All we can do to free him , and to support his liberation, must be done.

I write this post in this perspective: this is my own contribution to the @Taheri_Movement.

As often, it is an activism post. But I am proud to be a human rights activist in cases like this of Darius Taheri.

Freedom must win: Taheri must be liberated; never he would have lost freedom, in a free country.



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