Amnesty urges the UN to investigate war crimes in Syria

As the negotiations to a political process took place in Geneva on Tuesday, the High Leader of the National Coalition urged the UN to pressure Assad, China and all the attendants to respect the resolution 2254.United Nation Security Council Resolution 2254 on Syria, December, 18, 2015

Amnesty International, from its part,  seeing on the ground the violations of the cease-fire, launched  an international campaign addressed to the UN to make justice in Syria; on the site of the NGO, there is a petition in this sense:

The Syrian National Coalition refers to it, as to the report of the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

In effect, as the negotiations take place , with all representatives of the civil society, on the Syrian part, and Assad, on the other part, with international  observers, the Assad Army continues to bomb civilians , or to besiege them(in Eastern Ghouta).Besieged Eastern Ghouta, December,1st, 2017

The cease-fire signed with Assad and Putin is false, as usual .

According  to the Syrian Network for Human Rights,  996 people  have been killed by Assad/Putin, and some by ISIS and the International Coalition. But Assad and Putin are responsible for most of them.A_total_of_996_civilians_killed_in_Syria_in_11_2017_SN H R, December, 1st, 2017

At a time when they attend political negotiations which will decide the future of a democratic Syria, with the Syrian National Coalition and representatives of the Opposition, the Revolutionaries are right to ask them : all hands on desk.



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