Why I joined the @TaheriMovement

On Twitter, the @TaheriMovement is growing and tweets about the liberation of Taheri are going viral , under the form #Taheri_Movement, and #FreeTaheri.

I joined the @TaheriMovement by following the account and by tweeting for Taheri.Taheri Movement 1

I am not an Iranian, but I am a human rights defender, and I am Muslim.

The prosecution of Taheri, an intellectual and a former University teacher , is unjust, because he made no crime: he thought freely, and taught his ideas to his students. These , now, can testimony of the regrets they have he has been dismissed by the authorities and jailed without proofs.

So, he is a prisoner of conscience. The Mullahs Regime omit in their reading of the Quran the famous sentence “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”.

This is the foundation of all Muslim intellectuals; the “ijtihad”, in Arabic, close to the word “jihad”, is the free thinking of the Quran and the fight upon oneself to meliorate his behavior, according to the Revelation; Muslims call it the “great jihad”.

On these basis, there is no reason to condemn someone who search truth by himself.

The “Sharia” instated by the Mullahs violate this freedom, by jailing and executing those who thinkĀ  different of the power.

I made philosophy studies, and my work is this of a philosophy teacher: as a Muslim and a woman, I support a free Islam, in which the “ijtihad” has its place.

As a human rights defender, I support the @TaheriMovement because” no one should be prosecuted for its ideas.”This is the Declaration of Human Rights.

I have all the reasons to join this movement : it is conform to my fight for human rights, and to the reading I have of the Quran.

Islam is a religion, it is not a prison.

There are no more words to conclude than: free Taheri.






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