Assad must go before discussions on political transition

As the Syrian National Coalition is ready for the talks in Geneva about the  political transition , Head of the Coalition, Hariri, stresses that Assad must go before the discussions, for he has no political future in Syria.

The Head of the Coalition calls for the support of the international community. He has this of Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The discussions will have for basis the Resolution 2254 of the Security Council of the UN.As a reminder, this  Resolution is  not new : it is dated of December, 18, 2015.United Nation Security Council Resolution 2254 on Syria, December, 18, 2015

Since this time, two years of massacre have been undertook by Assad and his supporters and all the peace talks have been vetoed by Russia.

The Special Envoy to Syria, Stefan de Mistura,  calls for a political transition taking into account this  Resolution and the draft of the National Coalition.

This  is exactly what Syrians claimed for in March 2011: social justice,  free elections, a Constitution for the people , not that imposed by a unique party, the Baath, after a military  coup  , and a dictatorship.

Of course, to obtain these results, it is necessary that the dictator in place, Bachar  Al Assad is gone.

If not, the freedom of discussions and their result shall not be guaranteed.

The National Coalition , with the FSA, want to establish the future of a free Syria.

As long as Assad will be at the power, slaughters will take place. A market was bombed, making many victims.

Syria Direct furnishes accusing photos, by a very good photographer , Abdulamin Suleiman: his name is given in the report of Syria  Direct.20171114171738.jpg20171114175229SYRIA-CONFLICT-RAQA2017111619004420171115182103.jpg






With such a massacre, how Syrians could admit at the table of negotiations the responsible for six years of slaughters ?

Six years of a peaceful Revolution, which became six years of enforced disappearance, of torture, of war crimes, of what can be considered as a genocide.

Yes, during six years, Assad exterminated  his own people: how can he give him a future of freedom  and dignity?

It is why the National Coalition calls for talks without Assad.

The future of Syria belongs to Syrians.






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