One year after Aleppo, Assad kills Ghouta

One year ago, Assad besieged  Aleppo, and it made scandal, thanks to the work of NGO and human rights defenders.Now, Ghouta is killed slowly, by the same way, and nobody  reacts.

Are we used to see death in Syria? Do we find normal these images of starving children? Yes, I know, these sentences are a provocation: I am not looking  for scandal, but this indifference before the siege of Ghouta and the suffering of the population kills me.

If we were Syrians, how would we bear this indifference to our destiny?

According to the Syria Awareness Campaign, all the hospitals have been destroyed by the bombing, and Syrians have made secret hospitals wherever they could. But surgery is precarious by lack of material and medicine.The photo of the header is property of the paper “The Independent”.

At a time when the Syrian Coalition is ready to present a plan of political transition at Geneva, the events of Ghouta are a prolongation  of the war. It seems as if Assad were looking to kill indefinitely his own people.

The siege of Ghouta is so awful that , in other regions of Syria, inhabitants demonstrate against it . These demonstrations are peaceful, Syrians want only take a stand in solidarity with Ghouta and call to stop the slaughter.Demonstrations in Daraa against the siege of Ghouta, National Coalition, November, 25, 2017.jpg

I would be very happy if these protests had an international dimension, if the West ceased to be a bystander .

NGO and human rights defenders, like last year with Aleppo, call for Ghouta; thanks to their work , awareness will be raised in the opinion.

The data and photos shared in this post are property of the Syria Awareness Campaign and of the Syrian Coalition .

On the ground, researchers of Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are inquiring on the violations  in Ghouta.

So, we can say : we don’t know. Ghouta is dying and we know it. We must assume our responsibility for   it.



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