Three trials postponed without reason

In Bahrain, Nabeel Rajab is awaiting his trial since a while: this last has been postponed the first time in April, and then in September, and now…Since 2014 and more, there is always a reason to postpone his trial.

But not a true reason : in a democracy, a trial is postponed when elements of proof are lacking.

But we have to remind that Nabeel Rajab has been jailed only for a tweet, which is a violation of freedom of expression.Nabeel Rajab, Twitter account of CLuna27,April, 26, 2017Nabeel Rajab hospitalised since April, Reuters, July 2017

All the elements in his imprisonment and in his trial are violations of human rights.

It is the same in Egypt with Shawkan, the photographer, arrested  for doing his job: the authorities were suspicious relating to his photos, and he was arrested for this  only reason.In all democratic countries, you can take photos without been jailed: not in the Egypt of Al Sissi.Free Shawkan, August, 12, 2017, TwitterEgypt in the worst countries for journalists , Free Shawkan, August, 12, 2017, Twitter

His “trial” (there was no reason to arrest him) is postponed , also: jail without a chance to be freed…

There is a petition in favor of him on the site of Amnesty International .Please sign and share :

The third imprisonment is this of Taheri, in Iran : a former  University teacher , dismissed by the Mullahs  , he is a prisoner of conscience; the power denies human rights , first, in his imprisonment, and in second, by refusing him a fair trial with a date.Taheri Movement 1Taheri Movement question

This post is , as always, an activism one: its goal is to raise awareness on the violations of human rights in the Middle-East and in the Gulf.

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