Big Brother is Watching You

The only topic which is of interest for Western countries is the return of their “foreign fighters “: under this name, are the young who moved to Syria or Iraq  to join ISIS.

Now that ISIS is defeated, anti-terrorism laws are voted to “protect” the ordinary citizen from these jihadists: they could cause terrorist attacks in their homeland.

In France, the Emergency State was voted since a while: its surveillance was of the young, of the suburbs, of Muslims, who felt discriminate.JO 31 Octobre 3017 Loi Anti-Terroriste remplaçant étatd’urgence

The Anti-Terrorist Law has been contested by ordinary people, because the surveillance is continued, but also by Magistrates, because the power  of the police is bigger; to sum up, the law does not guarantee the independence between the politics and the judiciary.

It is one fundamental principle  of the Constitution: the separation of the three powers, the politics, the legislative, and the judiciary.

With this law, the surveillance is applied to every individual whose behavior seems suspicious; places of cult can be closed, after inquiry.

Muslim women who wear the “hijab” in public are suspected of radicalism, such as men with long barbs.

The fact that a mosque can be closed is felt like a discrimination.

In some extreme cases, a curfew can be declared. For those who are not French, it is necessary to remind  that the last curfew in our History is dated of the Algeria War, in the 60th.

This surveillance can be, if an individual is suspected , extended to computers; this law de turns your computer from certain sites, considered as terrorist.Sous-surveillance

The freedom of the internet is no more guaranteed, You Tube and Facebook destroying some accounts and videos under the pretext they are terrorist.

The feeling of the public relating to this anti-terrorism law is divided: the far-right finds it is not enough , and calls for the death penalty, which was abolished.

Some citizens feel more protected, unlike some are fed up of the Emergency State.

Even if they don’t know the law in its details, the fact  that a surveillance is continued , in a democracy, make them feeling under surveillance themselves.

George Orwell was right: with the progress of  technology, Big Brother is really Watching You.




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